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Fingers T

Scheduled release date: March 8, 2019

We need 200 people to buy Fingers T 's CD between March 8 and March 29 to get into the top 200 BillBoard!

Buy one song for 99-cents, or the full CD for $9.99.

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photo head shot of Pete Hodges Deschain

I started playing keyboards when I was six and a guitar at 11.

One of my strongest childhood memories was being terrified by Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds.
My elder brother told me I probably wouldn't like it as it was "just music" so naturally I listened to it to spite him and it scared the hell out of me!
It also made me realize that music could be more than songs, it could tell a story.
It could also terrify a person!
album cover art of guitarist facing a door that leads to a distant tower

In our teens my brother and I would play and write music together, recording on a 4-track.
Since then I have been writing and recording on my own, producing "SOl" and "Cycles" before being inspired by the Stephen King series The Dark Tower, which I have now been working on for a decade
album cover art of guitarist at the entrance of the tower

Like Jeff Wayne, I hope to tell this epic story through music (albeit without narration).