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Sage started playing the harmonica when she was 12 years old.  She started out with some influence of the Beatles and some of the old standard western songs.  Later she was inspired by blues artists Sonny and Browny, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones who also played a lot of Robert Johnson’s originals.

Sage on stage Sage spent her adolescence in Europe and at the age of 18 traveled around, jamming with other musicians through out the different countries.  Sage had her own fame and following over there.

All through her musical development she had several different keys of harmonicas and, listening to the songs on the jukebox, found the right harp and started jamming.

Sage tried many different styles of playing with influences like John Mayall, J Geils Band, and other artists too numerous to include, until she developed her own personal style which some people call raw and raunchy to seductive.  She Rocks and Rolls with the best of them and can definitely wake up a crowd!

Sage is a true over-comer of adversities such as childhood abuse, bad relationships, alcohol and drug abuse, losing her 20 year old son to leukemia, brokenness and homelessness and is a cancer survivor.

Sage is finishing her biography in hopes of helping other people who are going through or have gone through similar traumatic experiences.

Sage is looking for bands to sing and play harmonica with.

We are looking for people to help finance and promote Sage’s CD.