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Born in Denver, Colorado; October 24, Sweet G was interested in music at an early age.
Her mother says instead of speaking Sweet G would sing her words.
Sweet G at the mic
There were no musical instruments in the house, so Sweet G would play the old records on the family stereo and sing to them, pretending to be a singer.

When she started school, she was then able to study different instruments, the recorder, flute and guitar. I became very good with the flute and participated in City Wide Band during my middle School years.

In eighth grade I was the fourth flautist in the city out of forty-four floutists.”
Sweet G has received several awards and recognition for her music talents.

She is currently married and has 3 children.

She wants to make music that sounds like: EdaJames Mariah Carey, Lil Kim, Lil Rob, Whitney Houston and Yolanda Adams.
Sweet G and daughter

To complete Sweet G’s first project she will need:

Mechanical license for ten songs: $150
50 CDs at the cost of $1.75 a piece: $87.50
Shipping Cost: $8.23
Digital Sales: $49
Radio Airplay for three singles: $150
Total: $444.73

1. Circle of Friends

2. Nobody

3. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

4. Titanium

5. Hallow Stream

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