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Thatsany Laoboutsa

I was born in Boulder, on April 28th. I have always had a passion for singing but was always too scared to show what I could do.

More recently, in 2017, I have been getting over my stage fright and have been showing others how well I can sing.

Photo of Thatsany walking along a sidewalk
When I was little I always had the dream of becoming famous and doing great things in life.

As I grew older I realized there were other things I wanted to do, such as photography and cosmetology. I focused on singing and joining choirs during the years of 8th and 9th grade, but after that I was too afraid of singing in front of people, it just being me.

I am ready to get over my fear and do something I’m passionate about.

I may be young, but nowadays young people have been shown to be able to take on the world.

I am ready to take on the world and try to make my childhood dream a reality.

July by Noah Cyrus

Make You Feel My Love by Adele