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Selina, Janet Jackson, Mc Chill I, Linwood Sydnor (M.C. Chill), was born on 5/27/1970 in Richmond, Virginia. I grew up on the East coast, South-side of Richmond, Virginia. I played some sports in high school but my main interest back then were my rap skills.

I was introduced to the game by my old school friend and now U.S. Marine, Cortney Merphy. I hooked up with two other friends, Melvin and Vience and started doing local shows. I soon outgrew the group however and we split up.

I moved out to Denver, Colorado to live with my mom until I got my own place while working at McDonald's. That's how I met my wife Selina in 1990.

She lost her vision due to doctors' negligence.

After her recovery 3 years later, her mother passed and her dad left for another woman. We adopted three kids while I then worked as a painter for 3 1/2 years until I was hurt on the job. I needed to undergo four major operations: left hand, left shoulder, left knee and right knee.

After my recovery my finances had diminished poorly, I had no income at all, so I was able to find time to start creating some of my music with my wife using MV Home Studio.

Since then I've hooked up with a friend named Johnnie Johnson, who happens to be the owner of lnnervision Records.

Johnnie managed to get us started doing local benefit shows at The Bottoms Up, Traven Club Zoro's, Pinkies Entertainment, Club Crystalballs and TV spots.

We are now seeking a major record deal while still doing shows currently.

Selina was born on 9/18/66 in Denver, Colorado. Selina grew up here in town and, as a baby, she was sick, diagnosed and treated at 8 months of age. She under went an operation: a shunt was placed in one of her heart ventricles.

Selina went on in life to finish school and was a Spanish dancer for 11 years, while taking some modeling classes. Early in 1991, the shunt no longer functioned and another major operation was needed. This one left Selina blind 100%.

By M.C. Chill & Selina

CD List price $13.95

Innervision Price: $9.95

Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place... Ephesians 5:4

This CD contains explicit words and descriptions of sexuality.

We here at Innervision believe in the right of our artists to create their form of music. We know what the word of the Bible says and we will not sell this CD to anyone under the age of 18 years old!

All selections arranged, written and music by MC Chill and Selina.
Vocals by M.C. Chill and Silena except as noted
Recorded in the studio of Chill Time Studios

This music is hard hitting and very down to earth.

1. Freeze
2. Love Me

3.Turn It Up

4. Shake and bounce
5. Going down
6. Island Cover Song

7. To be announced
9. To be announced
10. To be announced