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Concerts & Contests

Wide Right event
October 2, 6:30pm to 9:30pm

2100 Curtis St.
Denver, Co 80205

Karaoke from 9:30pm to 1:30am

$25 before and $30 the day of the event.
Link to event with map:
Wide Right Denver

Deangelo T and Innervision invite you to this event to highlight some of our artists. Between now and then we need you to help get our artists into the Top 200 Billboard!

August 30, you can add songs from Innervision Compilation 2021 to your Spotify through these links:





Here are the songs and artists:
Produced by Innervision nonprofit
  • That Mountain by Tony Romo
  • Back to Life by Kwan Mathis
  • Make A Way by Dewade Gold
  • Agnus Dei by Reflection Women Quintet
  • Hallowstream by Sweet G & the Crew
  • Pray in, in the Light Ft React, Sloy and Altok
  • Soul Surfing by Papa Scripture
  • Big Lie by Mike Johnson
  • Good night sweet baby sweet dreams by Laurie Dameron
  • It is over Now by JSmiley
  • Exodus by Deangelo T

With your 99-cent purchase you will not only help them get into the Top 200 Billboard, but the winners will receive $500.
If supporters buy 750 copies of their singles, artists may win $1000.
You who support Indy music will buy $1,200 copies of your favorite single song!

Then, on October 2, we will invite you to join us at the Wide Right: 2100 Curtis St. Denver, Co 80205, 6:30pm to 9:30pm, karaoke will follow; $25.00 TBA, $30.00 at the door.

See some of our artists in person, win raffle prizes and enjoy the food and drinks, with head liner comedian Cal Sheridan!

If you do not live in Colorado, we will send you a zoom feed and some merch signed by the artists!

Even Me goes into production.

Two Million Dollar Fundraiser!

Innervision is raising funds to re-film the 1991 movie, Even Me: produced and written by Johnnie Johnson!

Back then Innervision hired disabled actors mixed with able-bodied actors.
Now we want to update this one-of-a-kind feature for a new audience.

Please fill free to donate any amount you can afford starting at $25.00.


As we hired disabled and blind actors in our first movie, we will do so in this new version.

But don’t worry able-bodied actors and musicians, we will not discriminate. We love all people and want you to join us in writing, acting, filming and producing the new 2022 sound track for Even Me!

This is how we want to bless the supporters and donors of independent films created through our nonprofit Innervision!

$25: A CD sound track from the Even Me movie!
$50: an Even Me T-Shirt!
$100: an Even Me T-shirt and a part as an extra in our movie!
$250: a chance to be chosen to act as the TV host!
$500: You will have a chance to be invited to an after-party with the new cast of Even Me and some of the original cast!
$1000: autographed picture of the cast as well as the five previous Premiums

All donations have to be received by August 14, 2021 and will be announced August 19, after the airing of the 1991 Even Me movie on our internet station and our live Zoom stream: 6:00pm to 7:30pm:
Even Me support

Give your feedback, send requests and music submissions.

As we build from two days a week, moving into a 5 and 7 day, 24 hours a day podcast; we are looking for DJ’s to voice tracks and some to do their show live from their house.

We are also looking for technical people to volunteer behind the scenes.

To raise money to run Innervision FM we need to find people who will find underwriting sources or businesses to buy blocks of time.

We are also looking for artists to sponsor radio spots to promote your concerts and events!

As we grow financially we hope to pay our grant writers, sales people, accountant, management, web person, technical people and announcers.

For the first six months or more all positions will be volunteer, so as you have time to help we greatly appreciate your time and expertise.